Comfort and stability

Comfort and stability

Did you know . . .

– For maximum comfort and stability as well as to maintain consistent oral and general health, it is highly recommended that you see your denturist every five years to replace your dentures.

– Contrary to popular belief, adjusting to new dentures doesn’t happen right away; a period of a few days to a few months may be required.

– Your denturist puts your needs first, which is why they always start with an aesthetic trial of your dentures, before the final fitting, in order to confirm with you that the prosthesis meets your expectations.

– If your mouth becomes sensitive or irritated from wearing your dentures, you should immediately consult your denturist. They will be happy to make the necessary adjustments to restore your comfort.

– In the first few weeks with a new set of dentures, you may experience some difficulties chewing. You must learn how to effectively use your dentures, taking small bites and chewing with both sides of your mouth at once.

– Your dentures require the same care as natural teeth and should be brushed well after every meal. However, it is preferable to use a foaming cleanser rather than regular toothpaste, which is often too abrasive for dentures.

-It is recommended to have your dentures cleaned by your denturist at least once a year. Think of it like a visit to the dentist—your smile will never have been more brilliant.

– Although your dentures are an integral part of your look, it is generally preferable to take them out at night. That way, your tissues can get oxygen and rest, and you can avoid premature resorption of bone surfaces that are necessary for the stability of your dentures.

– The image of dentures in a glass of water is sometimes comical but not unfounded. Putting your dentures in water when you are not wearing them prevents the acrylic parts from drying out and warping.