In the field of denturology, innovations continue to transform the way care is provided, offering solutions that are increasingly comfortable and aesthetic. Benoit Viau d.d., a recognized expert in the field of dental prosthetics, stands out for his avant-garde approach, especially in the field of partial implant dentures. This article explores how partial implant dentures, particularly those with a titanium base and retained by Locator type attachments, mark a turning point in modern denturology.

Partial Implant Dentures: Say Goodbye to Hooks!

One of the biggest challenges with traditional partial dentures lies in their fixation. Metal hooks, although functional, can compromise the aesthetics of the smile. Benoit Viau d.d. offers a revolutionary solution: hookless partial implant dentures. Thanks to a titanium base, this type of denture guarantees unmatched stability and precision, while preserving the natural aesthetics of the smile.

Stability and Precision Thanks to the Titanium Base

The titanium base is key to the performance of these prostheses. Lightweight and extremely resistant, titanium ensures optimal adhesion of the denture to the implant. This combination of materials allows for the creation of a prosthesis that not only perfectly integrates into the patient’s mouth but also offers remarkable durability.

Partial Implant Dentures

Enhanced Aesthetics with No Visible Hooks

One of the most notable advantages of this innovation is the aesthetic improvement it brings. The absence of visible metal hooks transforms the appearance of partial dentures, making them almost undetectable. Patients can thus enjoy a natural smile without compromising functionality.

Locator Type Attachments: A Revolution in Retention

Locator type attachments represent a significant advancement in how dentures are fixed to implants. These precision mechanisms allow the denture to securely snap onto the implant, ensuring a firm hold throughout the day. This technology not only offers better stability but also increased comfort for the wearer.


Benoit Viau d.d. positions himself at the forefront of denturology with his partial implant denture solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology and aesthetic attention to detail, he meets the needs of patients wishing to combine functionality and natural appearance. Partial dentures with a titanium base and Locator type attachments mark undeniable progress, paving the way for a new era in the field of dental prosthetics.

Benoit Viau d.d. expertise in partial implant dentures represents an ideal solution for those seeking a durable, stable, and aesthetically pleasing option. It is the modern response to the age-old needs for restoration and oral comfort, promising an improved quality of life for his patients.