Semi-precision dental prosthesis

Semi-precision dental prosthesis: Very popular dental prosthesis for its quality/price ratio. Usually made with good quality teeth, it is chosen for hardness, comfort and aesthetics.

Precision dental prosthesis

Precision dental prosthesis: High-end dental prosthesis, made in several stages: basic and precision impressions, measurement and oral dimensioning using a facebow. This data makes it possible to recreate the natural movements of the jaw. To complete a precision assembly for comfort and increased stability.

The precision prosthesis is, by the same token, the only type of prosthesis used when making prostheses on implants.


European biofunctional prosthesis system that combines both the precision and the ultra-natural effect of teeth.

This process was designed by Ivoclar Vivadent in Switzerland for maximum stability and comfort with a more realistic tooth effect.

Dental prosthesis on implants

Dental prosthesis on implants: Precision dental prosthesis supported by implants. This type of prosthesis increases stability and comfort significantly.

Immediate or transitional dental prosthesis

Immediate or transitional dental prosthesis: prosthesis made before the extraction of natural teeth. It helps to form the gum during healing and to maintain an aesthetic appearance. It is a social prosthesis, not very comfortable and adjustments are necessary during the healing process. It must be replaced by a standard prosthesis within 3 to 6 months after the extraction of the teeth.