Metallic partial prosthesis in Vitalium

Metallic partial prosthesis in Vitalium: Partial prosthesis most often manufactured. Being more precise, it adapts to the configuration of the mouth, which makes it more stable and comfortable. Brackets may be apparent in some cases.

Titanium metal partial prosthesis

Titanium partial metal prosthesis: Partial prosthesis similar to Vitalium with the advantage of the lightness of the metal as well as its flexibility, which makes the clasps more flexible with less pressure on the teeth. Ideal for people who have sensitive teeth or wear a crown or bridge.

Acrylic partial denture

Partial acrylic prosthesis: Entry-level prosthesis. Due to its lack of precision and stability, this type of prosthesis wears out more quickly and adjusts less easily, it is a strictly economical choice.

Flexite or FRS partial denture

Flexite partial denture or FRS : Partial denture generally used to maintain space for one or two missing teeth.

Partial prosthesis on implants

Partial prosthesis on implants: SAY GOODBYE TO HOOKS! Partial prosthesis with titanium base, very stable and precise with a very appreciable aesthetic since there are no longer any hooks. The prosthesis is retained by Locator-type fasteners on implants.