The introduction of a soft base for dental prosthesis marks a true revolution for dental prosthesis wearers. This innovative choice promises not only unparalleled comfort but also a perfect adaptation to the morphology of each mouth, offering an aesthetic and natural smile.

What is a Soft Denture Base?

A soft base is an alternative to traditional rigid bases, designed to perfectly match the contours of the gum. It significantly reduces the risk of irritation, ensuring a much more pleasant daily experience.

Benefits of a Soft Denture Base

The benefits are numerous: improved comfort, better adherence, and a reduction in painful pressure points. It is especially suitable for people with sensitive gums or who have undergone recent dental extractions.

Who is the Soft Denture Base For?

It is ideal for those who have difficulties with traditional prostheses, suffer from receding gums, or have bone changes.

How Does a Soft Denture Base Work?

The soft base adjusts over time to continue to fit the changes in the mouth, ensuring optimal support and lasting comfort.

Patient Testimonials

Many patients report a significant improvement in their quality of life, highlighting the end of pain and constant adjustments.

Choosing the Right Denturologist

Selecting an experienced denturologist who is attentive to your specific needs is crucial for the success of this solution.

Cost and Coverage

Although cost may be a factor to consider, many insurances offer coverage for these innovative prostheses.

Maintenance of a Soft Denture Base

Maintenance is straightforward but essential to extend the life of the prosthesis. Regular cleaning and follow-up visits are recommended.


Choosing a soft base for your dental prosthesis can truly transform your daily experience, offering you the comfort and confidence of a natural smile.