Lower prosthesis supported with ball or locator attachments

There are several attachment systems for prostheses on implants such as:

  • With balls, with locator, with retention bar or screwed

The prosthesis is retained by balls or locator on the gum (in the posterior region) making the prosthesis more stable and improving chewing. Injuries and discomfort associated with wearing prostheses are reduced. It uses the principle of retention by means of ball-shaped pillars and nylon ties and displays a bone stimulation rate of 70% and a stability of 7/10.

Lower prosthesis supported by 4 implants:

With bar:

When performed with a titanium retention bar supporting the complete prosthesis, bone stimulation of 85% and stability of 9/10 are observed.

With locator:

The implants are connected to the prosthesis thanks to a system of ball-shaped attachments inserted into a retention nylon, we also observe a bone stimulation of 85% and a stability of 7/10.

Upper prosthesis

Removable prosthesis, with or without bar, retained by 6-10 implants: This prosthesis without palate is retained by implants designed with the same materials previously presented. The bone stimulation displayed by this prosthesis, although slightly less than 95%, remains excellent. Stability and retention score an honorable 9/10.

The user-friendliness of a removable prosthesis

By remaining removable, you maintain the possibility of removing your prosthesis whenever you wish. Daily cleaning is made easy. You maintain habits that you have developed with your individual prostheses.


The benefits of a screwed prosthesis:

The closest solution to natural dentition, the prosthesis is thin in the shape of a horseshoe. No covering is made in order to facilitate the daily hygiene protocol.

Chewing becomes simple, effective and painless again, even for patients who suffer from dental nerve exposure.

Importantly, dentures can only be removed by a dental professional.