Complete Dentures

Conventional complete dentures: Entry-level dentures constructed with standard teeth, using less precise measurement techniques. This type of prosthesis—while economical—is less comfortable and hard-wearing than higher-end products.


Partial Dentures

Vitallium partial dentures: The most common type of partial dentures, a fully customized fit ensures increased stability and comfort. In some cases, the clasps are visible.


Implant-supported dentures: Precision dentures secured to the gums by implants. This type of denture is considerably more stable and comfortable than other options.

The many benefits of implant-supported dentures:

  • No more need for denture adhesive
  • Excellent fit in the mouth, allowing you to chew and communicate better
  • Almost the same sensations as natural teeth
  • Ability to talk and laugh without limits
  • Easy to remove to facilitate cleaning and good oral hygiene
  • No irritation or inflammation of the gums, which is a recurring problem in those who wear conventional dentures

Soft Liner

Soft linerCushions lower dentures, absorbs pressure from chewing, reduces gum sensitivity, improves comfort (does not increase stability), high maintenance.


RepairIn most cases, dentures are repaired while you wait.

In most cases, it is possible to repair or modify an existing dental prosthesis. You should never try to repair it yourself as this may worsen the existing situation and make professional repair impossible.
Most repair done while you wait.
4 important thing to know :
  • A repaired denture will be always be fragile
  • Enamel teeth brakes more easily then an acrylique type.
  • With years acrylique become friable
  • A denture’s reparation is not warranty.

Other Services

Metal PalateThe benefits of a prosthesis constructed with a metal palate include the reinforcement of complete upper dentures, a considerably thinner plate against the roof of the patient’s mouth and the restored sensation of hot and cold.

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