Choosing a partial denture from Benoit Viau d.d. can significantly enhance your quality of life if you’re seeking dental restoration options. Benoit Viau d.d. specializes in creating custom dental prostheses that cater to individual needs, ensuring comfort, stability, and a natural look. Among the services offered, the metallic partial denture made of Vitalium stands out for its precision and adaptability to the mouth’s configuration, making it a preferred choice for many.

Metallic Partial Denture in Vitalium

The metallic partial denture in Vitalium is the most frequently manufactured prosthesis. Its precision crafting allows it to adapt seamlessly to the mouth’s configuration, resulting in a more stable and comfortable fit. In some cases, the clasps may be visible, but this is a small compromise for the significant benefits it offers in terms of stability and comfort.

prothèses partielles

The Advantages of Choosing Benoit Viau d.d. for Your Partial Denture

Choosing your partial denture at Benoit Viau d.d. means opting for a solution that prioritizes your comfort and the natural appearance of your teeth. The detailed attention to the mouth’s unique shape and the use of high-quality materials like Vitalium and Titanium for the dentures ensure a perfect fit and a natural look.

Metallic Partial Denture in Titanium

Similar to the Vitalium prosthesis, the metallic partial denture in Titanium offers the added benefits of the metal’s lightness and flexibility. This makes the clasps softer and less pressuring on the teeth, an ideal option for individuals with sensitive teeth or those wearing a crown or bridge. The Titanium partial denture represents an excellent balance between durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.


Choosing a partial denture from Benoit Viau d.d. is more than just selecting a dental solution; it’s about investing in your smile’s future. With options like the metallic partial dentures in Vitalium and Titanium, patients have access to high-quality, durable, and comfortable prostheses that enhance their quality of life. Whether you prioritize the precision and stability of Vitalium or the lightness and flexibility of Titanium, Benoit Viau d.d. offers tailored solutions to meet your dental restoration needs.